Drone Racing

Almost out of nowhere a new adrenaline-fuelled motor sport has emerged and in less than a year gone from the underground to national, competitive sport.  Welcome to FVP drone racing.

FPV or first-person view drone racing involves building and modifying quadcopters for speed and manoeuvrability, adding a virtual reality-style headset with a live video feed from the drone, and then finding safe and legal places to fly. Racers compete in heats or time trials, speeding around courses at anything up to 60mph (100km/h)—and have a load of fun in the process.

This sport, which appeals to aspiring pilots, makers, and computer game fans alike, has all the adrenaline of flight, while also providing enough crashes, smashes, and collisions to keep even the most ardent sports fans happy.

For the past eight months, I have been photographing this sport from fledgling beginnings, to national competitions at various locations throughout the UK. I’ve found that there is much more to it than a bunch of geeks comparing voltage signals or power to weight ratios in the woods on a Sunday.